Alexa has arrived in Germany

Amazon's Bluetooth Speaker Echo and the Echo Dot are getting closer to Germany. Since last night the Alexa app can be found in the App Store with its current version 1.16.33 which allows you to the basic configuration such as location, language, etc.

With the help of Amazon's Echo and Dot you can manage not only Amazon services like Amazon Music but as well Sonos, Philips Hue and other Smart Home services.

On the contrary, there is a device in your home penetrating your personal privacy. The Echo (Dot) is waiting for the signal "Alexa", as Amazon calls it the wake word1. So constantly audio is captured and apparently a fraction of a second before the signal until the request has been processed streamed to Amazon. So fragments of private conversations may be captured beforehand.

So the paranoid in us will need to balance personal convenience with the knowledge that personal data is uploaded to Amazon’s servers. How much remains unclear.

The app will show you based on your interactions what has been recorded. As the app’s history grows, the user will see the dates and times when asked, similar to the Google searches performed which we tend to share across the different devices using Google Chrome.