Victorinox Rolling Parlament

Things break, as a matter of fact. Usually a cross road point for the customer and consumer, the brand and the market: Will I get the necessary service to get my stuff fixed? What is the service capability of the supplier? What are the cost? Should I check on new market options? Should I buy something new and throw the broken stuff away?

Lot’s of things to consider when a wheel broke from my preferred Victorinox Rolling Parliament bag. But the intended direction was clear for me: Go for the service to fix the wheel. This bag design is unique, addressing my needs to get stuff around efficiently. There is no single bag or other brand which could beat this bag design. And seriously, would you throw away a fully functional bag because there is one wheel broken? But …

The broken wheel

And this is where this story starts: Contacting Victorinox Service Online unveiled only one direction: I, consumer and customer, must buy a new bag. There is no way to replace something simple like a wheel. Substantiality? Saving the environment from more garbage? Not with us. But I get a 20% online discount. Let’s increase sales, forget about service.

Victorinox Online Discount Instead of Service

The mail itself does not need any translation and even as I started to argue with Victorinox, they stayed firm with their offer. I begged for service, willing to pay – not trying to get something free of charge. This bag was worth going the extra mile, but no chance.

Now what? I did not accept to give up on this bag and brought it to a local, certified dealer not mentioning my online exchange - and guess what happened? Yes, I was asked for patience as they usually ship it to Victorinox and it would take 6 weeks at least. Yes, the bag came back with two new wheels.

The repaired wheel

Apparently, I believed more in the product than Victorinox itself. F – Fail, for Victorinox Online Service, A+ for the local dealer getting a hold of the Victorinox service which is inaccessible for those inquiring online but managed to fix a bag from 2009.